Pimlico Million – 2018 our Plan

November 2017 marked the start of the Second Year of the Pimlico Million Project. The Pimlico Million is a resident-led ten-year programme, one of 150 areas funded by the national Big Local programme, set up by the Big Lottery. We have one million to spend over ten years. We’ve got this year and eight more years after that to make some real changes in our area. We know that this area will change – there are big plans for redevelopment that will affect our lives. But we want to be sure that those changes and the changes that we will make have a positive impact and that they meet the needs and hopes of the people in our communities.

We started the second year of our project with a public consultation which informed the creation of a second-year plan outlining the work we intend to do and the key areas in which we plan to invest Pimlico Million funding, which include;

1. Young people

2. Children and families

3. Older People

4. Green and open community spaces

5. Local (and social) enterprise, employment and skills-building support

6. Support for area-based activity

And during our second year we will be doing this in a number of ways;


After the success of our small grants programme in 2016/2017 we will be offering further small grants for great innovative ideas and projects which can make Pimlico an even better place to live. Grants will be made available from the end January 2018, so keep an eye out on our website for more information.

Developing projects from the first year of the Pimlico Million

2017 was a momentous year for the Pimlico Million, we funded and helped develop some fantastic community led, change making projects which have included gardening groups who have started to transform our green spaces, Resident Associations which have given a voice to local residents, youth-led creative projects and training opportunities which have made a direct difference in people’s work opportunities and lives. We will continue to invest in these groups, people and projects with the aim of continuing to make positive change on a grander scale, making resident-led initiatives and groups sustainable and leaving a long-term legacy in the area.

Working with local groups and organisations to invest in larger scale projects which can make a greater positive impact in the area

We will be looking to identify project partners and run regular meetings and forums to help us lead on delivering larger projects in area’s such as enterprise and employment and children and families projects. We will be working with already established organisations in the area, to ensure that funding from the Pimlico Million can achieve long term impact, reach and change the lives of as many people as possible.

Local Area Based Activity

We are aware that many local residents face an uncertain future due to redevelopment to estates and residential areas, so we are going to work with a researcher and communications professional produce useful information documents about what may happen during redevelopments of residential areas, what rights residents have through the consultation and planning processes and how residents can make sure that their voices are heard.

Outreach and community cohesion

We’ll be continuing to invite residents, groups, local organisations to our regular meetings, so you can become part of the process which informs the work we do. We’ll also be wo inviting project partners to join us in creating community events and activities to ensure continued public consultation and conversation so that our plans for the future of the Pimlico Million project and our spending in the area remains informed and shaped by the voice of our community.

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