Help Us Find A Home!

The Pimlico Million are looking for a Home. Can you help?

Our ideal base would be a space we could use as a Community Hub, with room for 4 office desks, plus a meeting space which could be used as a meeting and training room.

However we know it might take us a while to find this kind of space in the Pimlico Million area, so in the meantime we are looking for a space we can use as an office day to day for up to 3 workers. Ideally we want to find a space to lease or hire within the Churchill Ward area of Pimlico.

Do you happen to know an empty or unused space we could turn into a Hub? Or does your organisation, group or local community hall have a room we could rent as a short term office? If you have any thoughts or contacts please do not hesitate to get in touch via our contact page here.