£10,000 of funding to local projects!

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We are also pleased to announce the results of our first full round of Pimlico Million Funding which took place in November 2016. For this round of funding we were looking for projects which support youth and young people as well as opportunities for the community to make the most of outdoor activities or spaces. This winter The Pimlico Million has provided £10,000 of funding to local community groups and charities.

We are now looking to talk to groups organised for Older People in the Pimlico Million Area to find out the best way we could invest funding into projects to improve the lives of Older Residents in our community. If you have an idea for a project feel free to email us to get in touch with your thoughts BigLocalSW1@hotmail.com

We are also looking for members of the Pimlico Million area community to join our partnership to help us to decide on how the Pimlico Million money can be best spent to make a positive change, so if you would like to join our partnership and help us make our decisions for future funding please get in touch by email BigLocalSW1@hotmail.com or by calling and speaking to our Coordinator Jane at the Thamesbank centre on 020 7828 9614.

Go to our website www.thepimlicomillion.org.uk to find out how you can apply for funding in our next round which will launch in in May 2017.

Successful projects from our funding in November 2017 included:

Pimlico Music Foundation
Choir Spring Concert
The Pimlico Musical Foundation provides a music education for children, we believe in music as a vehicle to overcome social inequality and connect people. Our charity has been operating for just one year and already works with all state KS2 schools in Pimlico, reaching approximately 400 children. The Spring Concert will be an opportunity for connect local children and young people through singing together and performing for the wider community. It will also be an enjoyable activity for members of the community of all ages to attend and listen to the performance.

DreamArts Express Collective programme

DreamArts will empower young women in the Pimlico Million Area to produce a TV chat show where they will discuss, demonstrate, and develop ideas around the topic of bullying and also touching on aspects of relationships and social media. The group will work with two DreamArts Creative Facilitators who specialize in multi-media and drama, with support from the team at The Base Youth Club. Young people will take control at all levels; from designing what the chat show format and content will be through to being behind and in front of the camera, choosing guests, interviewing their peers and elders, and making editorial decisions.

Working with Men – Youth Project
Expectation vs Reality photography and Film Project

This project taking place at Churchill Youth Club; will work with the youth project participants to teach portrait photography and film and through which document the lives of the members of the project. The aim is to inspire communities both young people, parents and even the elderly to visit our project, as we turn it into a gallery space for viewing head boy and girl show and explain the work. The film would be called Expectation v Reality which would be filmed and shown as part of our presentation.
Iraqi Fine Artists
Art and Recycling Workshops

The proposed project offers a great and impressive range of creative workshops to engage the families living in the Pimlico Million area in reusing ordinary materials they encounter regularly such as glass bottles and metal tins. They will use recycled materials that we came across every day to create beautiful and useful handicrafts that can used to seeding plants and decorating the garden and open space of the Pimlico Million area and at the same time they can use it at home. This workshops will provide the families with the right skills and encourage them to reuse materials creatively instead of disposing them. The project promotes recycling and sustainability and creativity.

Play Association
Half Term Play Project

The Half Term Play Project will offer play activities and off-site trips to local parks during the February half term, for children aged 5 to 12 years old primarily from the Ebury Bridge, Grosvenor Waterside, Peabody and Churchill Gardens Estates. Providing supervised activities including arts & crafts, construction, board games and outdoor sports and games as well as escorting groups off-site to local parks etc.

Westminster Bangladeshi Association
WBA Winter Outing Days

This project will offer families and children living across estates in Churchill, Ebury Bridge, Thamesbank and surrounding estates, the opportunity to go out on fun family outing days to attractions the families may not otherwise be able to afford to attend. By this funding opportunity they will be able to visit Winter Wonderland in London Hyde Park, which we hope to be cost effective and yet a fantastic day out for all children and their family.

Westminster Boating Base
Winter River School Workshops

This project will offer four workshops for young people living in the Pimlico Million area, giving the opportunity for learning about the Thames River, taking part in sports activities, learning about fitness and nutrition, Kayak demonstrations and boat making with arts and crafts. Enabling young people in the area an opportunity to get involved with the Boating Base, learn new skills and take part in enjoyable activities.

Peabody Avenue Community Group
Gardening Club

There are no gardens on the local estate and so members of the community group will get some big planters and start up a gardening club, as many local people love to grow things and only having window boxes they are unable to. The gardening club will start off with a few areas where everyone can all come together and start to grow their own vegetables and flowers and help to brighten up the estate. Once the vegetables have grown there will be a healthy eating and cooking session in the hall.

Young People’s Representative at Peabody Estate
Peabody Estate Youth Club

The Peabody Estate Youth Club will offer young people in the area space to meet and learn new skills and share ideas. Our aim is to get together to help break down the barriers in the area and help get young people out of their homes. Participants will enjoy things like cooking, music, playing games and socialising together. The members of the youth club will decide what we would like to happen each week at the club and we can help people by offering skills and training opportunities.

Chelsea and Wellington Estate
Operation Bloom

The project is a Gardening Club to brighten up our dull courtyard with blooms of flowering plants throughout as of the year. Volunteers from the estate will work together to implement the new features, also some ability for residents to grow herbs.The project will improve the quality of the communally shared space on Chelsea and Wellington estate with planters and a variety of flowering plants and shrubs and some additional hose-lock water pipes to assist with maintaining water provision.

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