What is The Pimlico Million?

The Pimlico Million is a resident-led a funding and community development organisation, funded by the Big Local. We have been given one million pounds to spend over ten years to provide community-led projects, support and development.

Our Vision

The Pimlico Million – Working together to make Pimlico an even better place to be.

Our Mission

We work with our community to:

  1. Help residents find their voice, take ownership, reach their potential and make positive change in their neighbourhoods.
  2. Inspire and invest in great ideas and projects that increase social cohesion and create pride within our community.
  3. Provide support and opportunities for groups and projects to grow.
Coronavirus related small grants

Pimlico Million is looking to fund initiatives that are supporting the community throughout the coronavirus pandemic and beyond.

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The Pimlico Million Area

The Pimlico Million Area
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The Pimlico Million area is located in south Westminster. The area is bordered to the north by Sutherland and Lupus Streets, the south by the River Thames and to the west and east by Ebury Bridge Road and Claverton Street. The railway line runs through the middle of the area. Approximately 8,500 people live in this area and a large number of households are made up of older people and families with children. Included in this area is:

  • Ebury Bridge Estate, currently part of a regeneration programme.
  • Chelsea Gardens Estate including Wellington Buildings, Chelsea Gate Appartments, Gatliff Close Estate and Chelsea Manor Buildings.
  • The new Grosvenor Waterside development.
  • The listed Churchill Gardens Estate, the single largest in Westminster, consists of 40 blocks of between 4 and 9 floors.
  • Peabody Avenue Estate and Close, the Estate was originally constructed in 1876.